The Escape, cont'd

I don't have anything to put up alongside this post at the moment. Maybe later tonight. I had a chance to work on "The Escape" some more. It's been a few weeks, but I needed to take a step back. My process on this one is totally broken, and I feel like I've worked myself into a corner. I should have thought farther ahead about HOW I was going to really put it all together. I composited all the elements I had (most of which were roughs), which helps me to see where I am, but it's also made the file so huge that I had to scale down the resolution to 150 just so that i could actually work on it. Seriously. One time I tried to smudge a building and it was loading for like 10 minutes.

So last night I found some actual reference pictures of Coruscant and began drawing over them to use as the background. It's a start at fixing it, but it's still a huge pain in the ass.

I'm very tempted to just use said photo and appy a median filter, which will make it look almost exactly like I want it to, but it won't be mine. You may not know, but I will, and it's the principle of the thing.


SOunds like you're working hard on achieving a dream, this should turn out very well! Just keep on it, though. Otherwise that dream will stay in dream land.