Crom, am I busy.

I thought for sure that by now I would have had time to actually create a piece of new Star Wars art. But I haven't. I'm ass deep in album artwork and swimming in deadlines. Procrastination is awesome.

I feel super busy right now, but mostly it's the good kind of busy, there's really no free time in my schedule for "I'm just gonna do nothing today", but it seems like it's filled with things I'm into, such as band practices, and rocking out. And album artwork, so drawing I guess.

Then there's the fourty hours a week I spend stressing out at work. That's not the fun part.

Lemme just give a shout out to my homies Baron Bob, Hisham, and Eclipse. It's all for you. I see you're online at the moment, and I've decided to notice you.


Haha, well rest assured Ryan, you're noticed as well, with or without new artwork. (though with is alway preferable, I totally understand the time crunch) Take it easy man, you'll get back to it when you can. :-) And enjoy what you're doing now cause that's important.