Darth Vexx Final..


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I loaded this to the wrong thing...well the none completed one to the finished part so I figures I would load this one here.....I have been playing inbetween characters on my party pic. I am redoing many of them seperatly and then adding them to the big pic. so it's taking ALOT longer than I had thought.

Ok..I said final...what I MEANT was finnally posting something...I running with this...cant..stop...aurgh



I looove the detail of the glove/arm thingamy-bits! Man, you are one sinister Sith Lord you are. I would never trust myself with so many lethal rods of light attached to my arms... yeesh. Half considering doodling up a picture of darling 'Champion of the Light' Tusserk attempting to righteously smite this guy...!!

You do such a great job with the realism, Casca. I'm still excited to see your massive group pic slowly work its way to completion... you CAN handle an image of that magnitude! I believe in you!

(Also... LENS FLARES HO!!)


Great lighting on this piece, really compliments the posture.

Also: Impressive Codpiece Action!



I thought the lens flares were cool with this peice and will prob add to lightsabers for a while...the hard part was getting rid of all the darn green circles and lessening others...that took some doin'


Haha. I do have a bit of an uncontrollable reaction to lens flares- I think it comes from the time Klopan and I sat down and played 'count the lens flares' in one of his Batman anthologies...

But no, with that many sabers and the lighting you've got going on, I think it works fine. Even if it does remind me a little of driving at night in my old glasses... which is far more a comment on the state of those glasses, haha, than on your work! ;)