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Nelania, the Outer Rim rock band requested by bellatendris.

Definitely going for a Metalocalypse-intro vibe.

Went for a poster-style image, but I can't decide where I like the text...



Looks good so far Asok, nice job on the eye candy bits ;) You know, for a split second when I wrote the request, I saw the Nautolan in a Utilikilt- then realized that would be utterly, utterly wrong.


Oh, I'm not hating on husband has one and I think it's one of the sexiest things a man can wear...but put it on a Nautolan and it becomes a skirt. It gave me a giggle fit.

bellatendris really awesome. LOVE the color on the Twi'lek, nice mottling without being overpowering. The guys look great!

For my 2c, I like the text lower down, like in the middle version.


Brutal! I *love* it!

So, do their concerts usally end up being a bloodbath? Have they ever woken a sleeping lake troll (or Ancient Krayt as the case may be) with music inspired by a necronomicon? =D

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Actually, their current scene is playing in a club on Zeltros- and when they get started it turns into something kind of like the rave from the second Matrix movie. I kind of had the vision of an all-Gamorrean taiko drummer band for a moment there.


Looks really good. I'm amazed the gammorean has the ability to play any instrument, even the drums.