All's Quiet


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The crew of SWAG got hit with a nothing storm!

WIP of my contribution to this month's theme - All's Quiet on the Swaggish Front. GET ON BOARD PEEPS!

This will eventually have more characters crammed in it. So far there's Asok, Drig, Nibs the SWAG monkey and Casca lurking in the back. I've rough-sketched Judas, Tusserk and Mercy. If you want to be in this picture, SPEAK UP and I will mash you in somewhere!



I like it. Sometimes I wish I did art instead of writing...

But I am from the Northern Hemisphere, Tusserk... I guess I don't get in this one... Bummer...


The Trandoshan and the girl with the hair in the back of the drawing - that's Tuss and Mercy, and they're both Kiwis.



Hey now, sheeee's the Kiwi, I'm true blue first generation Aussie!! Hahaha. I wonder if we've got anyone from Africa or South America hanging out here...

I was just makin' a joke about that eensy portion of the pic, Kalenath! :) Asok's welcoming EVERYONE into it, and I'm sure he'd put you wherever he so pleases.


I figured, but hey, I am allowed to make jokes at my own expense, right?

Hey Asok... You could make a dark haired human male in trooper armor sitting quietly in the back somewhere. That would be me. Maybe have him looking at a magazine? Just no dirty ones.


You could add a Dark Black Bothan, dressed in Jedi Robes, stargazing, if you like... lol (That's Xanamiar)