This is my favorite Character to RP in our starwars games...wait no scratch that...in any of our rp games.

This is the wanshen wielding matukai tiny rynn Zikkiri Romany...
She's spunky to say the least.
The boots shift colors depending on how much pressure is put on them...why... distraction measures...and rp fun.
She dyes her hair teal
owns a Maka-Eekai L4000 transporter named the Scarab....which has a paint job just like a beetle.... it's also tricked from the inside out and has one h311 of a droid brain...
not much else to say i guess.
The 'character sheet' type thing comes from an rp group husband was trying to start.

oh and yes she's a lithe little thing...

can go check out more details here
just click and it's gets bigger