Xim War Droid

My alternate design for Xim the Despot's War Droids.


I have the definitive pleasure of being the first to comment on ANYTHING on SWAG... seldom do I use it... and when I DO use it, seldom is it for the purpose of just wanting to be the first to say how great a piece truly is. I think the Xim War Droid set of pics of yours has been stunning, and the sort of quality we want to see in our books, and expect from our movies. Great work, just really great.


Lord Crumb

"Are you Sara Conner." then follows the sounds of blaster fire.
Kewl pic. You've done it again Stirzy.



This Xim War Droid is Amazing! I have a request that I think only you can imagine. Please show me Xim The Despot... I've never been able to imagine him. In fact, what is he...?

Vagrant Lustoid

Goddamn, that is awesome. This is absolutely serious quality, and looks excellent for the sort of design that I could imagine from about 25,000 BBY. I have a character that is in the body of a Xim War Robot, and later moves onto another somewhat ancient design of killer droid. I was wondering if you'd mind if I used this illustration for my character in my RP, and potentially use it as a credited image if I put the bio on the SWFanon wiki?



Paper use is exactly what the site was originally created for. As for any additional online usage, that's always up to the individual artists, however, IF stirzy allows you to use it elsewhere online, I would ask that a link to both his profile here AND the swag url for the image itself also be used in the credit. But that's contingent upon his allowance of your using it.

Also, let's keep the cussing to a bare minimum please, it's really not the image we'd like to project. :-) Thanks.



I don't see a problem with you using it in your Wiki entry, so long as like Eclipse says, it's clear to everyone where the image came from. SWAG!


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