Weequay Pirate

Request by Garrel:

At 190 centimeters in height, this creature is tall for his species and stands over most of the average-heighted denizens of the Galaxy. A Weequay, the man has a gnarled, leathery visage of brown, wrinkled flesh. Black eyes peer out from sunken sockets beneath thick eyebrows, and a small, flattened nose occasionally twitches from drawn-in air. Tight folds of wrinkled skin around the jaw-line complete his grizzled expression. The Weequay's head is bald, save for several dreadlocks of long hair. Totaling ten, each is brown and cinched tight at the end with a claw of the raquor'daan from Sriluur.

Besides a talent for killing, he also has a small knack for cracking security systems and using demolitions.


Member since: 2007
Reedley, CA