A man of few words, who brings his own chair.


This is great as usual Tusserk but my favourite part of everything here is the fact that you mentioned he brings his own chair.

I don't know if that's something this character actually does in game but for some reason I find the idea of him him carrying a folding chair on every adventure incredibly funny.


Oh I'm easily entertained.



Well this guy's an NPC who only Jak's met at this stage, but GM was adamant I include the chair when I started drawing, heh. I have no idea how long he'll be around, or even if the rest of the squad's going to get to meet him, but so far as I know he takes the chair everywhere.

Lord Cygnus

Tusserk you've gotten really good at and it would seem fond of drawing Mandalorian armor. I just love seeing each of your new pieces that you post up.


Heh, it was only a matter of time! ;) My husband's adored Mandalorians for a loooong while, but they never really had much of a feature in our previous campaign. This time around, though, he's definitely managed to win me over... Jak was definitely a better candidate to end up in the armour than Tusserk ever was!


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