Two Padawans

Request from Lord Crumb.

"The picture is two be of two Jedi Padawan's standing back to back faceing the viewer. The human male has brown hair and blue eyes welding a green bladed lightsaber and the other Jedi Padawan is a female Zabrak with dark hair and violet eyes welding a violet bladed lightsaber.
The female Zabrak should be just a little taller the human male.

The Jedi Padawan's trial is to solve the murder of former Black Sun associate and his family by a Black Sun Vigo's assassins on the planet Dantoonie."

Request HERE


Very solid sense of style you have here, Mercy! I like the lightsaber designs as well. Great job!


Great piece, Mercy. I like how you've framed them.

- Just another ghost in the holocron.

Lord Crumb

What can I say, that I haven't said already on your blog. You should get somekind of award for that many posting on a blog or something.

But to quote the Ninth Doctor, "FANTASTIC".

You did a great job. Thanks mate.


Fantastic stuff! I love your style and the vision you bring to the galaxy far, far away!


Outstanding work! I too love the lightsaber hilt designs. The characters are great. I think the Zabrak is especially cute, and the pair have a dynamic pose together. My one nitpick, is that I think the lightsaber blades should be *Brighter*. They don't seem to have that full-of-energy glow. This could be easily remedied by putting a bar of very tinted nearly-white color down the middle of each.


Sweet, guys. Cheers for all the comments. Dred, I think you're right and I'll remember the advice for future pictures...


If you have your lightsabers on a separate layer, you can just double that layer, and change the top one to a screen blending mode, and it'll probably fix that problem right up. Just for future reference. I LOVE the way the piece turned out. Great work Mercy!



Great work Mercy. I especially like the background on this one, it has a very "story book" feel to it. I'd love to see more of these kind of scenes from you. :)

Lord Crumb

When Mercy did her Anime Farghul picture that way and I saw it, I knew right away that was how I wanted her to draw the Dantoonie background when she took my request. She did a most excellent job.


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