Tramp Freighter

This is a new design for a Tramp Freighter. I've had this idea rolling around for a while. I finally had some time to put it down on paper.

All of the cargo is stored in standard containers on the outside of the ship. While this would usually make the cargo vulnerable, this vessel's excessive armaments keep the containers safe. Directly behind the cockpit are two forward facing laser cannons. There is a quad-gun mounted in the tail. In addition, the laser cannons on the waist of the ship are on a ring that can swivel 360°, providing an excellent field of fire.

If the crew is ever in serious trouble, the entire cockpit section can separate as an escape pod.


This one is simply superb!

It reminds me of an old time bomber airplane mixed with a Klingoon bird of prey...

LOVE the detailing and the motion one can feel in the image, great job!


//Shadows are but the shape of light...


There seems to be an irritating optical illusion effect with the 'wings'. It's difficult to tell if they are up-swept or down-swept. Overall, a great piece!


The intent was that they are on the center plain, and just swept forward.

Thanks for the comments and feedback.

Spence DMann

I love this design, it looks like you taken inspiration of some of my most favorite bombers. The B-17, the B-29 and the B-50 otherwise known as 'The Flying Fortress' and 'The Superfortress'. Although those laser cannons on the swivel ring is a good addition to the design, as well as the wings.

Great work on the whole thing, it does capture the star wars feel.

-Spence D'Mann