Temples by the frozen lake

They're on the chinese planet.

Ryavar Darek

Wow - the coolest ice planet I've ever seen.

Do you mind if I use it for a little RPG that I'm running?

Evan Black

It reminds me of Rhen Var from Battlefront. I really like the little landed starship. Excellent job!

Evan Black

Out of curiosity, is the landed starship anything specific, or just something you threw together for the pic?


This is really beautiful! I'd love to see a higher res. copy. I'm a Hoth fan for sure, could use it for my campaign.


Funny that I am creating some new storylines for my third episode in a series of campaigns I'm running for friends, which happens to contain ruins of an old civilization that once dominated the sector the game takes place in.... This pic could come in mighty handy, and it looks really cool (no pun intended).