Tech with Droid

Character drawing for an OLD campaign. Dug out of a drawer and colored for your viewing pleasure.


I've been returning to this pic constantly, trying to figure out what it reminds me of. I think i got it: Monkeyman, you're style reminds me of Ron Lim's! Anybody remember him? had a huge run on Silver Surfer and Captain America back in th early 90's. I don't know exactly what it is that reminds me of it, but it's there.
Anyway, Monkey, that was a compliment. Keep up the goodness!


And a compliment is how I will take it! (I'll take them in any form, actually...). There are definitely some anatomy issues going on here, especially with the torso, but I still had fun digging out an old piece and finishing it. A little closure, shall we say...

Thanks Judas!



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