swoop biker - sinya

per the requester (oslek) i added color to these characters.

Sinya Toquema:

A tough, square-jawed, tomboyish twilek female who takes pride in the number of stereotypes she breaks. Her racing is as brash and abrasive as her personality. She is too belligerent and upfront to be very good at deception or underhanded tactics. Her bike is practical and well-worn. Her most hated rivals are Vexeeda and Awl.




I freaking love this lineup! It reminds me of the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid - like Tailspin or Speed Racer. I think you captured the characters perfectly in that Saturday-morning-cartoon style.



EXACTLY what i was goin for smile!

it's true that, as individuals, we can't change the world. but if we band together, and lock arms in a line, we can play "red rover, red rover." -nick decamp


you have like the whole lineup of swoop bikers from the TOR forums. Very cool and very interesting.