Soooooo I wanted to do something sort of a little bit commemorative for my 200th upload here?

This is far from perfect or comprehensive! A little bit to do with not everyone having iconic avatars, a little bit to do with me not really knowing some of you terribly well at all, and of course my nerves are wracked considering people who aren't here for one reason or another and all I can do is assure you if you're not here it's 100% NOTHING to do with me not wanting to, and EVERYTHING to do with me fussing and fretting for so long and sitting on this half drawn for maybe two months and realising that if I keep fretting it'd never get finished, and an imperfect something is far better than a perfect nothing. Because that's not anything.

So, hi, SWAG, here we are taking a dorky selfie. Tuss sits in the background because Jak really does take the lead in my Star Wars-ing these days, but I couldn't not have him show his face. Dr Lokhin gets to hang out with Jak in honour of my husband/GM because let's face it, there's more of HIS ideas on this site than my own, even if he's not actually signed up as a member! And all the other characters represent members here- some I've literally just gone with faces from profile images (Eclipse gets a hood 'cause he's the Emperor, right??), slightly more oblique are the pilot for Seghast and the protocol droid for UnnaturalGas, courtesy of the thread I started up however long ago in a vague attempt at an avatar roll-call.

The rest of y'all can work yourselves out!


I love Jynxie in the background, very cool.  Hisham looks great too!  The entire thing is awesome Tuss! ...  Very awesome!


Very, very cool. You did great. I had one about 1-2 years ago I stopped for the reasons you mentioned. I also gave Eclipes a hood for the same reason. Very glad you did this. It is awesome Tuss

Hablyonus Pense

I was all,

"Wait... Am I?..... Oh yeeeeeaaaaah!"

When I get home, I'm totally saving this , cropping out my face and using it as my new profile pic! Amazing!


So much awesome in one image.

Evi's expression is great. Plus, Asha looks twice as big as everyone else, which is pretty much how I always pictured him.


Well don't THIS just stroke all the egos!!


Very great job, I definitely enjoy it!


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