Subpro JS-77B Shuttle

JS-77B interstellar shuttle, manufactured by Subpro, as requested by JediScholar. The WIP blog can be read here.

It appears to be a non-canon vessel which appeared in Challenge magazine. I attempted to portray it as if it appeared in a page of a Star Wars comic book.

If anyone's asking, the first speech balloon on the following page would have read, "YOUR MOM!"


Oh Wow! I like this a lot!

I didn't realize you had claimed this and then I saw it on the Home page - I thought - wait, isn't that the shuttle I...? (I did recognize it from the image, I'm not sure what that says about me, but I stopped asking myself that a long time ago...)

Would you consider maybe posting a larger version of just the shuttle (as it appears on the top frame) with a black background? For RPG-template sake.



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