Shynite Schematics

The first technical drawing of Shynite. I did this so my GM at the time would except her as a PC. lol
He was having a hard time with the idea of a droid Jedi. Lmao. XD


Beautiful artwork...but i'm curious as to how you
justify a droid jedi, when only life can contain
midiclorians. (I'm a GM and would question it too)@_@


Oxax Shard, crystalline symbiotic organism. A species found on the planet Orax. Read up on the Iron Knights in the Wookieepedia.
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


Nice technical illustration! The fiber cord hair is a nice touch, giving her a slightly more human aspect.

Here's also a link to Shards

Which are the living force sensitive Crystal Entities that use droid bodies as hosts, thus becoming Iron Knights.

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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I actually have quite a few pic's of Shynite. She was my first Iron Knight. :)
This one was done before I had Photoshop. I used MS paint, was all I had at the time.
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."