Sheila the Theif in SW

This is another SW RPG Character request completed for Derf.

His Request:

Here's a very special request... a star wars version of Sheila from Dungeons and Dragons.

Species : Human
Hair : red
Eyes : green
Qualities : pretty, sensitive and caring ...she's cute

Thank you guys!

For those who don't know, Sheila is a character from the 1983 animated series "Dungeons and Dragons" (Link: Wiki ).

Due to alot of variation in the colors of her outfit, and even more in artist renditions, I communicated back and forth with Derf and this was the final result.

I didn't have exactly the hair Sheila the character had, but I think I found something reasonably close yet slightly different in style. I also took a little bit of liberty - giving her black leather boots and a matching black sash to match - opposed to the cyan sash and brown leather boots. Then of course was the ascension blaster pistol in her left hand and a stack of sci-fi crates with SW Aurebesh labeling.

Hope everyone enjoys this adaptation / character rendition. It was fun to do.

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Comments and feedback always welcome.



Aaaw yeah! Haha

Now we just need the little barbarian and that fat pony, SW style!



I really like this render... I think the expression comes across really well! She's not scared... just playing it really, really careful.



Hmm, I've no idea how a Barbarian kid would come across in SW... A little pony? hmm....

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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