Xan's choice for 'smugglers/scoundrels' as one of this month's themes reminded me that I owed a certain scoundrel for a trade we agreed to do some time ago! Asok Yeesrim, slicer by trade, but I'm pretty sure I recall him referring to his entire crew as scoundrels at some stage...


Haha "his" crew! I am captain Drigoldo. Drig to my friends but we are not friends, yet. If you need something moved sliced, or "acquired," then you can refer to me any which way you desire. How may my humble crew and I be of service to you, such fine outstanding members of society as you and yours?


Well now, my apologies there, sir, and please allow me to explain m'self! In statin' 'his' crew I was merely making reference to the crew to which he happens to belong, suggestin' any manner of ownership was certainly not my intent! Though I'm afraid I'm more in need o' soldiers than anything else at this point, so 'less you 'n yours have an inclination to take up arms an' join us down on the surface, I'll just be sure t' keep you in mind if we encounter a problem what requires your particular set o' skills.


Ah not to worry! You know us dugs are twitchy and quick to take offense. And we have enough problems to have to worry about a cause. If we don't get this load to Jabba in two cycles, I'll be captain of nothin!


Whoa... I think I see a reflection of a man in his eyes!

Or maybe I'm overworked right now, and I'm hallucinating things.

And for the record, we are definitely all scoundrels. Of the dirty rotten variety.


You saw right!! I almost can't believe (but am feeling super pleased about it too!) you picked up on it, haha, but 'person shape' was definitely what was going through my head when I was detailing the eyes. 

Lord Cygnus

Wow Tusserk!l

Asok Yeesrim looks so nobel and handsome here in this portrait and K'Ehleyr wanted me to ask you (or RR) if he could meet her for drinks later??    >;-D






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