Salem Rios

Salem Rios, a Feeorin secret agent from Coruscant. He's a Galactic Alliance Intelligence officer, and the creation of CorranFett.


Yeeeha! :D

Very interesting concept, mate, I especially like his trenchcoat. xD

I like the idea of the orange visor, although I'd have preferred to see his plain face - but what can I say, I'm content with everything I can get, so don't worry. ;) My only point of criticism would be that you can't see his nose - yes, the biggest part of it is in the shadows, but the orange illumination should at least show a bit of it, just like the mouth.

But that's no real biggie, just my thoughts to help you improve with your future art. I like the pose, the fog, the little hovering droid. Very nice job.

And looking at his face again, I must say your interpretation of my request is really nice - he really looks faceless and generic the way you portrayed him, which serves him in more than one way.

Well done mate, and thanks a million. I hope you don't mind if I show that image to my readers and put it on Salem's fanon wiki page?


Always get the artist's permission before posting a pic, but also please post a link to swag any time you use an image that resides here.



Sorry... I thought Feeorins didn't have noses. My bad!
I need to look into that...

I have no problem with you posted my pics elsewhere - just follow Kris' rules, I guess!



Like I said, no biggie. Their noses are rather flat, anyway. ;)

Thanks for giving me permission, and Eclipse, that totally speaks for itself - I always give sources. ;) But I hear you, with all the copyright infringements and plagiarism going on, it doesn't speak for itself for everyone, it seems. -.-

So there's the profile:

Once again, I'm in your debt. :)


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