Run, Cow-Thing! Run!

Felt like doin' some critter doodles.  So I did a critter doodle.

Enjoy the critter doodle.

It's a doodle with critters in!


Thanks, Tuss.  I wanted something that would be quick and nimble without sacrificing ferocity.  So I counter-balanced the large head with a powerful tail.  I also figured that the head and tail could act as rudders to pivot the smaller frame of the body for quick cornering ability.  After that the whole thing just screamed "Pack Hunter".  Then I just gave 'em a slightly mandril-esque face for that "deviously cunning" effect.


You warm this little zoologist's heart!!


Kinda want to draw one myself, except my 'want to draw' list is so long right now, and set off against my current energy levels I'm not sure I'll ever get there. :I


I had only ever heard of slice hounds before. My primary SW reference was anoobas. But they were just a starting point.
I am, however, now somewhat inspired by the slice hounds....


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