Narruna, twi'lek scout/soldier

Narruna is one of the earliest members of the Emerald Lightning. She and Lyder had a serious relationship, until he slipped to the darkside trying to save her. Then they spent a lot of time being mad at each other, which added to the intense drama that already percolated in our ship/home, the Emerald Lightning.

She is an ex-slave, exotic dancer and 'escourt' who was freed by the crew of the Lightning, and has since joined them. She is the character of fellow SWAG Guild Member Travis Moore.

While my character, Jo'luk, found her to be hot, nothing ever happened between them. I think Jo had things so built up in his mind that he was afraid to actually do anything in reality. He did like her sister, though. Both of her sisters, actually.

Medium: Pencil and Photoshop