Modified Sentinel-class Landing Craft: "Siren"

M/SLC "Siren"

This is a deckplan of the Modified Sentinel-class landing Craft "Siren", owned by Davin Ingram Kabak, Jedi Knight.

This ship started as a stock Sentinel shuttle widely used throughout the Empire. He first acquired this vessel as a brand new student with the Assembly of the Force, at the Temple of Adhe Zion, on Bethlamore. During a mission, this group of Jedi were caught by the tractor beams of an Imperial Star Destroyer, and captured. As they made their escape, Davin was able to sneak aboard and commandeer a Sentinel class craft that had been left prepped and ready for flight in the main shuttle hangar. After other members of the group disabled the Tractor beams around the hangar, they were able to use the Sentinel's formidable weaponry to blast their way out and make their escape.

The ship has been in Davin's possession ever since, and he treats his ship as well as he does any person. He has made many modifications over the years, as he gained both skill and wisdom. He has even included a pair of Magnetically Contained atmosphere doors in the ceiling of each main hold, to accomodate a pair of restored and modified Delta-7a Aethersprites.

Once a mere acolyte, Davin is now a Jedi Knight. Once a stock imperial landing craft, the "Siren", like her master, has become a uniquely tough and capable ship. Together, no mission is beyond them.


This ship has been with my D6 RPG character since nearly the beginning, and was one of the very first pieces of 'loot' he acquired... an extremely lucky find. It has remained one of the 'favorite' ships that our whole group uses. It has become such a regular part of our various adventures, that it's presence is both taken for granted, and greatly appreciated at the same time. It's been known as the "Space Taxi", the "Intergalactic Short Bus", as well as other dubiously fond nicknames by the members of the AotF over the years. There's been no doubt though, that this ship has saved their lives on many occasions.

Modified Stats Synopsis:
110 MGLT Top Speed (11 Space)
292 SBD Dual-Phase Shields (7D or 5D Ray/Particle + 2D Ion)
+1D (Holographic-immursive HUDSpace Transports: Sentinel)
Increased Fire Control, all weapons
Increased Sensor Ratings
Onboard Holonet Transceiver
0.6x Hyperdrive, 10x Backup

On-board are the rebuilt/restored Delta-7a Advanced 'Aethersprite' interceptors "Typhon" and "Charybdis".

I hope you all enjoy taking a look at what has become one of my most favorite projects, and favorite ships, of all time.

- Davin


Please submit all requests for larger versions via PM, with the following information:

Which version you want (Labeled Stock, Un-labeled Stock, or M/SLC "Siren")
What format you want it in (JPG or BMP, a few days' delay on BMP)
What you intend to do with it (very important, be very detailed)

This particular work is very, very personal for me. I have put years of D6 Roleplaying into this ship. In our modified version of the D6 system, every modification must be a long process of acquiring individual parts, purchasing them, performing each step of the modification process (with related rolls, etc). Each modification has been roleplayed in great detail. I have full statistics and descriptions available upon request as well.

Because this design is so integrated with my roleplaying character, I posted it here mostly as a guide to others who want to do similar mods, and simply a showcase of some of my personal work.

I will allow limited use of it, but there will be some conditions to this usage. If you intend to create a custom Sentinel, I have a 'blank', un-labeled version of the stock Sentinel deckplan available.

Davin Ingram Kabak


I love the Sentinel! Ive been waiting for someone to to a revised/new take on this classic Imperial ship. Excellent Job Davin!!!


Are these available in bigger resolution? These blueprints would be a great aid in pen&paper RPG sessions where you have to describe the whole tactical infrastructure where the characters can move around.