Mitth_Fisto's ship

A guy over at the Jedi Council Forums, Mitth_Fisto, requested a ship for his game. The wings was his idea.


Wow! This was a rally cool fighter!

Might be the colour, but this is something I would think the Verpine could design. Things that appear fragile, but pack an awsome punch!


Awesome! I can really see how it would be Verpine. I like the design!



Its closer to the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor in overall design, but it is wholly unique. The fighter's main body looks a little bit TOO US fighter-ish, but its a great pin-up, and very fun design with the armature weapon mounts. The melding of the main body's angular lines with the sweeping curves of the armatures does make it seem like a modification of something rather than a stock design, as the two elements seem at odds with each other, making them feel more separate. It certainly makes for an interesting pin-up, but Im curious if the design would be strengthened by more angular armatures. I can also picture the armatures folding forward for storage, it might be cool to see a version with the armatures tucked in forward to the body, all weapons still pointed forward.

Anyway, very cool pic!

Keith "Nar" Kappel
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