Let's talk business...

So last session we wound up aboard the Errant Venture, and finally got a long awaited opportunity to sell some of the cargo we've been hauling around since Tatooine. Most of it was pretty ordinary stuff ('room full of microwaves' has been quoted many a time) but amongst it we've also got a few ancient and pretty darned valuable Jedi artifacts. We intend to cut out all middle-men and sell them directly to some Jedi for a hefty sum, and it just so happens that we're going to launch into said deal at the start of tonight's session.

I can't decide whether sending an ancient Sith pureblood (decorated with about as much 'evil' regalia as possible) and two (for all intents and purposes; at the very least aesthetically) Mandalorians to trade with Jedi is the worst idea ever or the best idea ever.

Lord Crumb

Absolutely cool!  The snarl on Jak's face is great.  It drew my attention immediately.  Overall it is just cool.


I love the doctors face. (That sounded weird)

For someone who once told me they weren't so good at human faces (at least I think that was you), you sure did a great job here.

It's all great though.


Aw, thanks!

And yeah, that would've been me, and it's still true! I mean I'm making a massive effort to get better at it, and I'm... yeah, kinda pleased with what I got done here, haha, but the effort it takes me to get a human face looking 'right' is huge compared to, for example... a wolf face, haha. Kind of nice to see the effort paying off, though!

Lord Cygnus

That snarl on Jak's face more then pays off for her. (I know if I was there in person, I'd probably wee myself a bit).


Way cool Tusserk!  Love the posinig and expressions there... Good thing its some Jedi they're trying to make a sale with, as anyone else probably would have a *gulp* moment...


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