Lau'Ren's Lightsaber

This is lightsaber belonged at one point to Darth Lau'Ren during the height of the Great Sith Empire. Among the many she would use throughout her lifetime, this piece may have been the first constructed by her own hand. Though better known for her political skill and cunning, Lau'Ren was known as an efficient and capable fighter, having ascended to the throne of one of the largest Sith factions by the age of 26. She was also the lover, and later wife of Darth Drakhen, although it has been speculated by some historians that their marriage was political. Born of Hapan nobility, she witnessed first hand the decimation that the Jedi wrought on the Sith'ri colony world of Tarra Minor. Harboring a deep hatred for the Jedi, she nonetheless was opposed to the expansionist policies favored by Darth Dajihl. She was presumably killed along with Drakhen and the rest of their followers during the battle of Andar towards the end the Sith Civil War, the beginning of which marked the end of the Golden Age of the Sith.


I love the lightsaber really cool. Your other renders as well, nice work.

I also like your backstory, however, I'd like to nitpick a bit, sorry. Hapans didnt really exist until somwhere between 4-3000 BBY, at least not the way that the novels portray them. Before that the only humans that had found Hapes was pirates. However... 16000 years is a long time in between, so who knows... maybe there has been another civilisation living there before the Lorell Raiders... Just lost...


They also didn't really perfect lightsaber technology until about 15,500 BBY. But the art is awesome.


And even then, it was the Jedi who had them, and those required external power packs connected by cords. The Sith were still using Sith Swords up until the rise of Freedon Naddd 4,700 BBY.