Lady Araya

Completed request for Shaggy.
Total Time: 11 hours
Medium: Photoshop, model reference, lightsaber reference

Overbearing panic attack entrenching my veins
In an hour I'll be okay
I pray this pain will go away permanently someday
I've seen more than
I should have to
I've seen this on my own.


Some really good work here L-K. I think you went a bit overboard with her neck though. Her neck appears to be roughly the same diameter as her head.


Very nice job there, cool costume she wears. My only two cents would be her nose and her mouth, the don't look plastic enough.

Evan Black

I think the neck and head look fine. What we're seeing is the shoulder muscles that extend along the back. I particularly like the eyes. With the bright green and slits they look absolutely feral!


Well I think the work is amazing. Now I just have to get one of her husband done.... hmmm I feel another request coming along.


I love the look on her face - somewhere between sadness and smirking. And the reflection on the railing is damn near photo-real.


Ferral? possibly. Perhaps Serpentine. ;)

Note the scale pattern wrap on her arm, as well as a dark marking above her breasts. Those slitted eyes could also mark a heritage from a serpentine line. Very clever with these subtle details, could mean something, anything, or nothing.

Gotta love this picture, very goth-like with the black and deep dark purples. Only thing missing is something of a mansion in the background. The added stanza of lyrics really helps paint that picture, albiet the lyrics are from Korn's "Poem" song. Goth Metal would most likely suit the theme of this picture. Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish also come to mind, each with suitable pieces of lyrics that'd equally fit this picture :)

On a side note, I couldn't help thinking Baroness, givin the 'Lady' title to her name, and a little bit of similarities to the Baroness from GIJoe. Or wait a minute... Amy Lee.... lead singer of Evanescence... -> Gallery


The lyrics are from the song Poem by Taproot :)

Thank you all for the feedback on the piece. I'm extremely happy myself with how it has turned out and when I compare this to my first work on SWAG, I can see the difference. Those two or so years of practice really paid off.


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