Krithaari Queen - Comicbook Style


The Krithaari differ physiologically by gender. The Krithaari females are of a larger and stronger build, and have a lighter skin tone than the males. Females also possess great wings which sprout from their shoulder blades. All Krithaari, however, share purple skin and yellow eyes. They also possess unique facial markings which are used to identify individual Krithaari.


Complex caste system dominated by the females. Would like to base this, at least partially, on African tribes (and other tribal cultures - Native American Indians and Asian come to mind), but with a switch from patriarchical to matriarchical.


Hmmm.... interesting. Any males forthcoming? Just curious.

And the art is cool, too. The hair - and I mean this in a good way - brings to mind the plumage of a pheasant.

A really scary, big, female pheasant.

"When will then be now?"


haha I will draw some more of them, male and female. They play a big part in the civil war portion of the story.


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