K'Ehleyr Wynver, Zeltron Pirate Captain [Request]

Lord Cygnus' character, K'Ehleyr Wynver.

I love doing art in return for art. :D


Y'know Xan, I was thinking of your Shynira a lot while working on this one, haha! Could you imagine the trouble those two girls could get up to together!?


LOL... probably way to much...

throw Arralynn in the mixture, and man you'd have a group of trouble.

Lord Cygnus


Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting anything like this, whoa this is a wonderful rendering of my RPG character!! Hmmmm,... Shynira, Arralynn and K'Ehleyr all together? Now that could prove very interesting indeed! >;-D

Lord Crumb

Elegant with attitude! Great job.

Kia kaha
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