Imperial Stormtrooper

In my opinion the coolest character design ever created for a feature film. Everything about the classic Imperial trooper is right, from the skull-like helmet to the steady plate on the right kneepad. An absolutely stunning concept, elegantly realised.

It's a real pity the beggars can't shoot straight*.

I think that this was my very first SW drawing, made before I actually saw the film, and based on a photograph in an American press kit that a friend brought back from a trip to the States. I distinclty remember looking at the photographs of the interior of the Blockade Runner and the Jawa sandcrawler set and thinking "well, this looks different..."

Draughting pen on photocopy paper.

*I blame Order 66. It broke the clone troopers. What a mistake.....


The Death Star's plans are NOT in the main computer.

Very nicely done. I've got a long way before I can consider even doing something as elegantly simple as this.