Imperial Slave Market

I doodle on manila folders when traveling. They fold up conveniently :)


This scene is absolutely amazing. The mood, the setting, the players all come together so perfectly. I can't believe you did this on an envelope!



What an incredible scene!! I am quite thoroughly awed; I love the perspective you've done the piece from.


.............. awesome (he said in a hushed whisper, so as not to disturb the pure EFFING AWESOMENESS OF THIS PIC!!! WHOO-HOO!) ........... er ... sorry.


I bet you get lots of comments from the people next to you. lol
This is awesome. and that slave master looks alot like Asajj Ventress. lol

The GM knows the will of the force.


I take my hat off to you good sir, this is amazing work. ;)
Don't ever stop. X)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."