Hysalrian Jedi Master [Request]

N'Saru Del Kata, a Hysalrian Jedi Master as requested by Thespius!

As soon as I read 'Naboo' in the request, I knew I had to take up this piece as a bit of an excuse to practise environments.


very nice.. love the swamp... love the backdrop, and the character, the whole piece looks great.


your lighting is so wonderful. You always seem to capture just the right mood for the pic. I have tried and failed at that one. That will be my next chore....expect PM's for pointers.


I do love those stone heads. I'll admit to having used them as a motif more than once myself.


Evan Black

The thing I like most about this image is the impression of the Caterpillar from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I imagine him having a similar curt and cryptic personality.

Lord Crumb

Very Kewl!!!! The way he is twisted in the tree is awesome. Great job.

Kia kaha
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