Hutt Massage

A younger cousin to Jabba, in my campaign, Imotta is a small-time crimelord wannabe who operates a discrete smuggling business and restaurant in Mos Espa by his big uncle's grace.

Imotta really doesn't have what it takes to be a real crimelord- too soft and not anywhere near smart enough. He's happiest when he's reclining in his damp lounge over his restaurant and getting a good rub down from one of his personal attendants, but his own parent (Malta) reckoned he could use the education, so sent him to Tatooine to learn from Jabba.

The idea of massaging a Hutt is one of the more repellant ones I can imagine, so this was a fun drawing. The droid at upper left is based on a design from Dark Horse Comics' 'Heir to the Empire' graphic novel, illustrated by Vatine and Blanchard- worth checking out if you haven't. It's full of great designs.

Medium: Pen & Ink, Painter Classic, Photoshop 7.0