Gassy Bantha

So I ask myself one night, "What if Mon Cal ingenuity met CEC adaptability?"

This here is the ship owned by the Mon Cal smuggler, Icklar, and his Gungan pal, Bazza. They have modified the daylights outta this puppy, let me tell ya. She's fast, nimble, well shielded, decently armed with turrets and forward facing ion cannon. Yup, she's pretty sweet.
There is just one *tiny* problem: The modifications made to the sublight engines have somehow caused the reactors to emit a rancid, rotten-egg smell whenever they interact with an oxygen atmosphere. They've tried to remedy the situation, but each time they try the smell gets worse. They decided to stop before the problem spread to the atmo-scrubbers. So they just named her "the Gassy Bantha" and called it good.
Plus, nobody tries to break into a noxious smelling light freighter.


lol, reminds me of something our group would come up with. Great design!



Looks great, has a cartoonish style to it.

Mon Cal meets Corellia, ship building wise you said, throw in a bit of Verpine too, remember the B-wing was made by them!


I always forget the Verpine!! VERPINE!!!!!
And, thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to add more vehicles to my gallery. I've never been very good at 'em. I'm hoping to remedy that.


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