Droid Duo

Two droids I drew in the vein of Artoo/Threepio for an upcoming Edge of the Empire game.


Bonus points for people who recognize the little guy. Bonus bonus points for people who guess the inspiration of the protocol droid.


Ermagherd, its Huey/Dewey/Louie!

Love it; I've always wanted to put at least one of them in a game.  In fact, I've just decided to do that in my upcoming game this weekend.


There is the faintest bell of recognition ringing in my head, but I don't know if I'm just making it up, and all Google gives me is ducks so I still can't place it!

I give up, what's the reference??

PS; Asok, your droids, man. Your equipment, machinery, ships. The things you draw always actually look like they WORK and that never fails to amaze me.


Thanks Tuss! That is exactly how I feel about your animals.

The little guy is straight-up stolen from Silent Running, and the protocol droid is sort of visually inspired by the killbots from Disney's The Black Hole.


Dangit I was gonna say The Black Hole because of the color scheme; reminded me of Max without the super-scary stuff.


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