Darth Plagueis the Wise

Request By Acheron

Requester asked for a young, non-hooded, Plagueis. This is my stab at it.
I wanted to attempt to draw this weird mysterious aura away from him and try and portray him as I imagine him. Darth Pagueis calling himself the wise and by Palpatine's speech to Anakin made me assume that Plagueis was an arrogant noblish kind of being, similar to Count Dooku in my opinion so I decided to portray that idea in him. Plus he's boss pimp...


Great interpretation of Darth Plagueis. Strange thing that he's a Muun, but If I'm right that came from GL himself. I also tought of him as arrogant and noblish, and because he's a Muun, probably very rich also.


I just learned yesterday that Darth Plagueis is a muun from wookiepidia. I have to say I don't really like it. Don't get me wrong, the picture is fine. I have a SW campaign that I've been working on since the mid-90s (to this day I have yet to run it >8-( The city I live in sucks that way) Ep.III came and went, and wouldn't you know it? My brain was like "Hey I have an idea....bwahahahaha!" My brain was talking about Darth Plagueis of course. Unfortunately, I imagined him a bit different. Now I have to "retrofit" the "official" version into my campaign, should I ever run it. My other option is just go with my own version. But as fellow SW lovers you understand the feeling of using "official" material over your own made up stuff. It feels more authentic sometimes. Ah well.
By the way, is it pronounced "moon"??


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