Darth Klaima [Request]

Request from danikreuzer, for a dark side version of her (totally awesome!) Gand Jedi character, Gannuk, as she appeared in a scene from her adventures. Meet Darth Klaima!

Eben Shadestalker

Bad Ass i think i might have Valkryie cain Exiled Bladeborn Assassin meet her in combat


Woaaaah!! You've taken her from my worst nightmares (or my sweetest dreams, I don't really know)! She's totally awesome! Thank you very much!

Next time I meet her, things are going to get really wrong...


Woo! Thanks guys!! I must admit I'm pretty super pleased with how she turned out.

Though for the most part, I guess props for her design really aught to go to danikreuzer (or maybe dani's GM??) for conceiving the character in the first place! I hope to hear more about Gannuk's adventures (and any further encounters she has with Darth Klaima, muahahahaa) in the future.


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