A Dark Alley (Monthly species)

This is my first picture on SWAG so please don't be overly critical.

So I've created a drawing here of a Miraluka robbing a Twi' leck, ande I managed to sneek in a Mirialan.One thing I've noticed is the street seems off somehow, anyone know why?


I definitely like the characters here - the Twi'lek is spot on with that pose!

The street might look a little off because you don't have a well defined vanishing point. It makes it look as though all the cobble stones are oriented vertically, rather than horizontally. For the to look horizontal, they should diminish along lines defined by a vanishing point: http://www.detaildesignonline.com/contentimages/2-point1.jpg

Given the placement of the Mirialan, you've given us a sort of elevated vantage point, though, so the perspective doesn't have to be too extreme to be effective.

I hope this helps, I'm still working on this kind of stuff too.


Hey! Nice job man! I love everyone's posing, they look great. You went nuts on the environment too, stand-up job vode.