D6 First Edition, Kid

The 'Kid' character from West End Games' orignal Star Wars RPG.

Aiming for more of a 'Newt' or 'Short Round' feel rather than EpI Anakin.

The 'small animal' is a 'Tesselated Arboreal Binjinphant', first appearing in the 'Droids' episode 'Coby and the Starhunters' then getting a more realistic make-over in order to appear in Star Wars Galaxies.

The costume is inspired by a disgarded sketch of 'Young Beru' for EpisodeII.


Just wow... what more can I stay Stirzy? Your images always amaze me! I love the outfit, fantastic work as always, how many more D6 images do you have in the pipe? I can't wait for more.



amazing, just stunning!

Its so beutiful...

I think ill sit here and just quietly look at it for a while longer.


//Shadows are but the shape of light...

Evan Black

Stirzy you're inspiring me. This collection of quintessential template illustrations just makes me want to see more! This is what SWAG is all about!


You have such a beautiful, unique style... Your images are fantastic! They're so fun to look at.


The colors, the outfit, the natural look of the stance, pose, and expression...You inspire me. Wonderful.
I think I'll just stare at the pic a for a while too...


Sorry, but just looking, someone tried to make a drawn human look good in the add beside your picture. They failed--compared to you. Again, wonderful, excellent, amazing!


THIS IS INSAAAAAANE! I love your style, your everything!! And this character!!


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