Cultist of Anu-El

This piece was my attempt at working toward a different style in my digital works, with more of a conceptual feel. At least, that's what I'm going for.

STORY: The Cult of Anu-El was a secret organization of mystical acolytes, consisting of the bird-like species native to the planet of Anu-El. Among the tenets of the cult was a radical racial bigotry toward outsiders. Much of their hatred was directed toward a neighboring species that lived on Tovat, Anu-El's moon. The Cult of Anu-El was eventually extradited from their homeworld, with many of the cultists coming to thrive in the sewers of Tovat. These Cultists had a latent connect to the Force, and used basic kinetic powers against their victims. They also used their claws or short daggers dipped in a poison of their own making.

My role-playing group from Star Wars Force Journey ( Website | Wikia ) made an unplanned visit to Tovat, to avoid Imperial pursuit, where they first encountered members of the Anu-El cult. There they defeated the dark side acolytes and rescued a number of Tovati children that had been kidnapped. However, it wouldn't be their last encounter with the avian cultists...


HAHA. Awesome, hilarious and kind of horrifying all in one.



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