Corellan Engineering Corporation PB-950 Deckplan

This is the deckplan for the PB-950. It is slightly modified over what was originally shown in Adventure Journal 9, as the interior did in my view not match its exterior. I could not conceive that like there is one full deck, with enough room for an escape pod below the main deck, so I incorporated them into the main deck. This caused some minor changes along the line, but overall it should be pretty similar. Given the age of this kind of vessel it is quite probable that different variants exist, which could explain that.


Edit: I corrected the title. Stupid me. Thanks for the heads up.


I have to ask.. is it Cooperation? Or Corporation? Because the Aurebesh says one English says the other


I corrected the title. Thanks for telling me. It was very late in the night, when I finished this. ;) Glad you like it though.

Hablyonus Pense

Awesome! I've always wanted a deckplan of one of these!


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