This is Bax Bassad, my Mon Cal heavy-hitter. equal parts cigar-chewing drill sergeant and Jiminy Cricket.

Lord Cygnus

I really like your entry. Nice design on your character's armor and wondering natural camouflage with the stripes across his head.


Thanks, Cygnus

As a casual doodler, I'm still trying to shake the anxiety that haunts even our featured artists. It took me acouple of years to work up the gall to post this. Thanks for the support :)

Of course, becuase it's in pencil, one can play freely with color schemes, but when I made him, I went for a very inconveniently bright red and yellow striped skin; he relies more heavily on brute force than stealth, opting for a flamethrower (with a bayonet for added brutality) nine times out of ten.


I've tried time and time again to color it; Gimp hates me and I'm not touching the original with colored pencils or whatnot.  So many precious hours wasted.  I hereby commit its uncolored goodness to the briny deep internet.


Asok has already colored another of my sketches, a Barabel named Sashka.  On top of talking about him in the third person, I'd feel bad asking (or even 'tell[ing]', lol) him to do this one too.  For what it's worth, if anyone has the free time and wants to take a crack at coloring any of my sketches though, you're perfectly welcome to play around with them to your heart's content.  


Imagine this fella with bright red and gold skin and blue eyes.  I had decided subtlety was not his strong suit and it fits his proclivity for using flame weapons whenever possible.  He rolled a lot of crits too.


Incidentally, I just realized I spelled 'sergeant' wrong...  In all fairness, I was in the Navy.