Arkanian Offshoot

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Born into slavery under an Arkanian master he staged an escape with the other slaves after becoming proficient at tinkering with older tech and building things out of nothing. After setting off he grabbed a job on a ship and bounced around till he started taking small bounty jobs that grew over time. As you can see he has a huge fondness for tech, drones, ships ect ect.



I saw the thumbnail of this piece, and I though: hey! I know that face. That looks like Drig's face!

And I think I was not wrong. ;)


Very good scene-setting, btw!


Actually I didn't model it on myself. I did look at some pics of the guy from being human though right before I drew it. 

Hablyonus Pense

Hey guys, Drig's back! I'd shake your hand if I could figure out which leg it was supposed to be!


Well I never know what I'm shaking when taking hold of a shi'dos appendage... ;)


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