Arakyd Helix Deckplan

Right, this is the first deckplan in a new scale, for smaller craft than the capital ships I usually do.

The Helix requires a brief bit of description.

The ship is essentially a fighter / freighter crossbreed with the emphasis on the fighter element. As such, this ship is INCREDIBLY cramped inside. The main corridors are only really big enough to admit one humanoid of normal size, and that'll be a tight fit. Anywhere close to the sides of the deck will have very little in the way of headroom. As a general rule of thumb, whilst the ship can carry up to four passengers, I don't see it doing so often, and the upper bunks would normally be stowed clipped to the ceiling. R&R would usually encompass sitting on the lower bunks.
Additionally, the auto-chef will be limited services and there's little in the way of entertainment.

Beneath the deck are crawlspaces allowing access to the ship's essential componants, (shields, lifesupport, weapons etc etc etc) these would be usually less that two feet high. Only the inboard engines are accessable from inside.

There's also a housing over the main deck which includes the torpedo launcher and hyperdrive. These can be accessed by hatchs in the main deck's ceiling. (Not shown)

Anyway, had a lot of fun figuring this little puppy out,,,

Medium: Digital

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