Another Annoo-Dat

Another Annoo-Dat prime. Computer really acting up. Almost couldn't load. So here is where I was.


Those double rows of eyes always make me do a double take, like there's something wrong with my brain. He looks great though, reminds me of a Sanyassan marauder.


Double sets of eyes is always so weird! I once drew Syama and Sabala - four-eyed dogs from Hindu mythology - and I had so much trouble looking at them. 'Something wrong with my brain' describes it so perfectly.


Those are the guys.....Sanyassan. Them and the Bilar, and the Kordans and the Yrashu. A team of those with blasters. Planet of the Apes, Star Wars style


Padawan:  "But Master I've never faced an Anoo-Dat"

Master:  "Just one thing you need to know.  Always, and I mean always, look him in the eyes!"

Padawan leaves as Master begins rolling on the floor laughing.


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