1940's style pinup

Requested by Lord Crumb:

Original pencil can be found in my blog, here:

Lord Crumb

Thanks Pete,
She turned out great. The picture looks right out of the correct time period and the kind that would grace the nose of a ship, fighter, or hang on a barrick wall.
Thumbs up!!!!

Kia kaha

Lord Crumb

Thanks Pete,
It turned out great. Definitely the kind of picture that would grace the nose of a gunship or fighter or the wall of a barracks.
Thumbs up!!!

Kia kaha

Pete -Shadowdeep-

Thanks. I actually couldn't think of a good costume that didn't seem obviously cheese(y)cake. Yeah, I know... pinup = cheesecake... but I wanted to avoid too much obvious cliche. And I wanted it to be a bit playful. In my view, the best classic pinups, like Gil Elvgren's work, have a very playful quality. I thought it would be amusing to see her in a costume inspired by Han's. She's kinda scoundrel-ish, so it seemed fitting. Glad you like.


Her playing with the Lekku ribbons is a really nice touch. Definite classic pinup quality there :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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