Jaykah and The Crew

Um, I've never really requested someone else draw something for me. And this Is probably too much to ask, but It's of three people. With detailed(?) descriptions of each. It's of a Pirate Captain named Jaykah, who Is a female Zabrak, and her two closest allies on board. Keytun a male Twi'lek, and Rotah a male zabrak. Jaykah Is standing in front of both men, significantly shorter than both. Rotah to the right (from our POV) behind her, and Keytun on the left behind her. Now, for the descriptions! Jaykah- She Is a yellow, female Zabrak with tattoo's covering her entire body, much like those of Darth Maul and Savage Opress in the thickness style. Jaykah was once a Sith, but escaped her master thanks to a force concealing necklace, therefor she has a slight attitude about her, but Is still mostly caring and extremely flirtatious. She carries a large vibro sword, perhaps upon her back or hip, and a LL-30 blaster pistol. She's wearing both knee and forearm armor, with a brown trench coat reaching down to mid calf, that cuts off at mid upper arm so her forearm armor is showing. She never carries her Dual Phase Saber on her, but maybe for epic value you could see part of It sticking out of her boot or stowed away somewhere where she can reach It just in case. She has long red hair, put up in a pony tail or a braid, and purple eyes. I don't mind how her horns are arranged. Also, she has a very feminine looking build, so thin and large breasted (so stereotypical, I know.) and fairly attractive. It Is imperative you don't forget the necklace on her, for she wears It all the time. She has a "past" with both men, so If she could be looking up at one of them with a sly grin or wink or something that would be cool, though I don't mind which one.. I think thats It about her. Keytun- Is a large, muscular yellow Twi'lek man, standing the tallest out of three, almost a foot over Jaykah. He's the muscle of the group, and would fight to the death to defend any of the crew members. Unlike most Twi'lek men, he isn't totally disgusting looking. From his description, he Is rather attractive and built, with yellow eyes to match his skin. He has swirling Tattoo's on his Lekku that come up over his skull to make a tribal design of some sort on his forehead. He's wearing dark brown pants, and black boots that come up to a bit below midcalf. His shirt Is tight dark green, (cut off like a normal T shirt) showing off his muscles extremely well, and has a red bandanna hanging on his neck, his lekku hanging on his back instead. Perhaps he can be looking at Jeykah with a smug grin, or toying with a weapon? As for weaponry, his blaster type has never been specified, so go crazy with that. He has two vibro knives on his waist. Rotah- A red, tattooless Zabrak. The mechanic of the ship, he usually has a tool belt of some sort on his hip, along with an unspecified form of sword on his back. His body build is equal to Keytuns, though he Is three or so inches shorter than him. Rotah has an extreme crush on his captain, and I would appreciate It If there was some way to make It known (though I have no clue how so) Rotah has bright green eyes, a scar going over his left eye which slightly distorts the color of green on that one. He has a purple or green bandanna tied on his head, covering his forehead. His horns are arranged as a three lines down the top of his skull, the lines consisting of three horns each. He isn't bald, his hair short medium so his horns are barely visible beneath his black hair sticking up. He has all sorts of crazy peircings, not so much as to hinder his attractiveness, just enough to be interesting. His clothing matches those of Keytuns, only with more rips and tears. Perhaps oil stains as well. Er, thanks for reading this. I know It's a lot to do, and that I'm probably to descriptive. Just know that they don't have to be followed to a T, I'm not picky, I would just like for It to be close. Um, for those who read this but think Its too much to do, I say thank you for reading and I understand. And in the unlikely event that you actually decide to take up this lengthy request, I thank you to no end for doing so. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope that someone actually draws this for me.