Image Submission Rules


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Wichita KS USA

We've been pretty relaxed lately about the images that have been going up on the site, but there is one major rule that we can not be relaxed upon.

If you didn't create it, it doesn't go up.

If it has anyone elses work in it that has not given you written or confirmable vocal permission to use it, it doesn't go up.

If it is copywrited by anyone besides you, it doesn't go up.

Please only submit your own work.  If the background doesn't belong to you, don't put it in a piece you want to upload here.  Please keep the site free from copywrite infringement.  One lawsuit, just one, will shut this site down.  

All other images that violate any other kind of rules will be unpublished and deleted upon the site owners determination.  So don't delete anything you've uploaded to the site based that it will always be here.

Thank you all for a great community of Star Wars loving people.  It's always been a place to talk about, and enjoy, Star Wars in all kinds of ways.  And a special thanks to all the artists that put so much work into the site.  We need you all to keep it going.