Betting on the First Goal and Last Goal – Detailed Guide for Effective Play



Betting on the first goal or the last goal at reputable bookmakers always holds immense appeal for online football bettors. This type of bet allows individuals to predict which team will score the first or last goal in a match. Alongside the possibility of a goal scorer, a match may also end without either team scoring. So, how does this type of betting operate? Let's delve deeper into football tips sunday it with Wintips in the following article.


What are First Goal/Last Goal Bets?

First goal and last goal bets are types of wagers in football betting used to determine which team will score the first or last goal in a match. From the moment the referee blows the starting whistle, bookmakers may offer odds for one of the 7 possible first goals or last goals.

If the bettor predicts and places a correct wager on the team that will score first, they win the bet. For those betting on the team to score the last goal, the final result is known when the final whistle blows. If the match result does not align with the bettor's prediction and wager, they lose the entire amount of the bet. However, in the case of an own goal, the bet result will be credited to the opposing team.

In reputable bookmakers' betting boards, first goal and last goal bets are represented by the following symbols:

HF: Symbol indicating that the home team will score the first goal.

HL: Symbol indicating that the home team will score the last goal.

AF: Symbol representing that the away team will score the first goal.

AL: Symbol indicating that the away team will score the last goal.

No goals: This signifies that neither the home nor the away team scores any goals.

How to Read First Goal/Last Goal Odds

First, players need to understand the formula for calculating winning bets in first goal/last goal betting at top bookmakers:

Winning Amount = Wager Amount * Goal Betting Odds (first/last)

Here's an illustrative example:

Example: In a match between Leganes & Real Madrid, you bet on the first goal or the last goal with an amount of $100. If Real Madrid scores the first goal, and you bet on Real to score first, the winning amount returned would be $100 x 1.3 = $130. If you bet on Leganes to score the first goal, you would lose $100.

If the final score of the match ends 3 – 1 in favor of Real Madrid & Leganes scores the last goal, regardless of whether you bet on Real to score the first or last goal, you would win both bets.

If the score is 0 – 0 and a Leganes player scores an own goal, the first goal will be counted for Real Madrid.

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Experience in Betting on First/Last Goal Scored

As betting on the first and last goal scored are two attractive types of wagers with high odds of winning, they always attract a large number of participants. The chances of winning are quite high, requiring only a bit of time to accumulate experience in analysis and accurate predictions. Here are some useful tips you can apply:

Choose matches with clear discrepancies

This is a tip for betting on the first goal scored often passed around by experts. Select matches between two teams with a clear strength/weakness gap. By doing so, you can easily determine which team is most likely to score the first goal.

Usually, the stronger team will score the first goal. There are some rare exceptions where the weaker team scores first, but they are very uncommon. Therefore, players should try using this strategy with appropriate stakes to have an enjoyable experience. However, do not bet without thoroughly researching information about both teams. It could lead to erroneous judgments and losing bets.

Pay attention to the main strikers

Find out which key strikers are in the team you are considering betting on. These players are usually prolific goal scorers. Certainly, there will be 1 to 3 top goal scorers in that team. Therefore, understanding the strikers of the football team is an important factor for players to grasp the winning advantage.

You can see that top teams like Barcelona with their main striker Messi have scored numerous goals. He is also known for his beautiful assists, helping teammates score goals.

Observe the playing style of the team

Each football team will have its own playing style, and this greatly influences goal scoring. Teams with attacking styles, highly rated by professionals, will have a goal scoring rate of up to 90%. On the other hand, a team playing defensively and on the counter-attack will find it difficult to score goals. Therefore, carefully consider the playing style of each team when participating in betting on the first or last goal scored.


So, information betting tips app download about betting on the first and last goal has been clarified in the article above by Wintips. If you want to find a place to analyze and predict the odds of the first/last goal accurately, then visit Wintips to see the most accurate predictions and analyses.