Starship Weathering and Battle Damage

I'm looking for someone a little more experienced with Photoshop or GIMP than me. I'm doing all the leg work for a new Star Wars campaign I'm going to be running with a group from my office and I'm trying to put together a really beat up Ghtroc 720; blaster marks, unpainted replacement panels, chipped and weathered paint, and maybe some missing panels with exposed wiring or electronics. Something that shows a decade of dangerous runs with slim profit margins and little maintenance or upkeep.

I'm using the Ghtroc 720 base image from the Deckplans Alliance, I just need help with weathering and battle damage.

The original I'd like modified can be found here at:…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-Two Echo

Evan Black

A layer of <50% opacity sponge filter on metal surfaces is a good place to start. You'll probably have to hand draw blaster marks and carbon scoring.

Edit: OH! My mistake, I didn't realize this was a request forum. Please disregard my advice.


lol- no problem. I can do some pretty basic recoloring of panels and what not but carbon scoring
and blaster marks are completely out of my realm.


Since this is more about changing a current image, rather than a request for a picture. I've moved it to the Artwork Assistance Board. It's more suited for this, since the Requests is for an artist to do the full picture, not change someone elses. :)

Hope someone can help you out though.